How to select a university for MS in US

[[This article is a continuation of the previous article “Application Process For US Universities”]]

The first step of application procedure is selecting a pool of university where you want to apply. It is really important that you make your decision wisely as this will gonna affect your future. So be prepared, do ample of research, and contact students from your country studying in certain university.

Elements which decides your university pool:

  • Your TOEFL and GRE Score: Yes, your GREs and TOEFLs will help you to finalize a university to certain extent. Obviously it is heedless to apply in top ranking university with low GRE scores or vice a versa. We will be providing you with rankings for the same. For instance it is worthless to apply in Lemar University if you have high GREs of 1500 or so.
    Ask your peers or some senior to evaluate your profile and suggest some interesting universities. Even you can use our forum for evaluation of your profile.
  • Tuition Fees and Living Expenses: There are some universities with high tuition fees though getable. You need to decide on the fact that whether you want to opt that university or not. For instance, USC is a brand university with high tuition fees of more than 20 lacs adding to the burden is high home rent and standard of living. Thogh you get a brand power and job security, you should be clear of how much you want to spend. If you aint interested in spending much then should opt for university in similar leagues but with funding. Thus you can choose NCSU over USC. Same is the case with Ivy Leagues.
  • Job or Research: You have to select university based on your field of interest that whether you want to pursue further education or settle for a job.
  • Relatives: Well, if you have relatives near your preference area than you might have some bias for that university.
  • Climatic Preferences: If you can’t survive biting colt of Northern University then California and Southern Universities are better options or vice a versa. Though climates doesn’t affect much. You have ACs and centrally heated Systems.
  • Ambition List: Create a pool of university by selecting around 8-10 university. It is risky if you apply in just a single university.

The list goes like this:

  • Ambitious:   Which you may not get but have some chances of getting it (around 4 such Universities)
  • Moderate: Where there is high probability that you will get it. Again 4 such universities.
  • Safe: These are the sure shot university which you will get at any cost. (2 university)


Thus in total based on these suggestions you can select atleast 8-10 university. We are all ears to your questions. Please use our Forum.!!